God Save The Cream!

Add a splash of colour to your bakeware range with these quintessessentially British mixing bowls and pudding basins. The Mason Cash Jubilee Range includes a range of large mixing bowls, and a variety of smaller sized pudding basins – ideal for Christmas pudding and other festive desserts.

The mixing bowls are heavy enough to counter the tendency to move during manual mixing and the pattern is designed to help grip the bowl whilst enhancing aesthetics. The shallow shape allows you to hold the bowl in one hand whilst mixing or beating with the other.

The pudding basins are the perfect partner for the mixing bowls. The rim around the top of the basin makes ti ideal for retaining a lid, and is therfore perfectly designed for any mixture requiring steaming. The embossed cown and motif also provides added grip when the basin is tipped to remove the pudding.

Click here to view the mixing bowls, and here to view the pudding basins on our website. Click here to view the entire Mason Cash range.

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