Have your pie and eat it too

Game Pie via BBC recipes

And so begins British Pie Week ! Sweet or savoury, individual or family-size, rustic tarts or perfect lattice, there is something just so satisfying about setting out to bake a proper pie. So get your rolling pin, pie dishes, cooling racks and pastry brushes ready!

Looking at what fruit or veg is in season is a good place so start, and make it easy on yourself by using ready made pastry. Then just get creative with the ingredients – don’t be afraid to veer from the traditional or standard.

Maybe you want to perfect a classic recipe, dig out the old family cookbook for this. Use some personal flair with your lid design and make your pie your own creation. Just don’t forget to blind bake your crust if you have a particularly wet filling.

Cheese and Onion Pie via BBC Recipes

This week has been sunny but still cool in the South West, so either of these hearty recipes will keep you warm without being too heavy.

Here we’ve got one meat and one vegetarian, and as the week goes on a few more pie recipes to come, some a bit more unusual and a few sweet ones for pudding. Enjoy !

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