Rustic Tarts, pies made easy

Artichoke and Wild Mushroom Pie, via BBCGoodFood

If baking a pie from scratch scares you, then maybe the Rustic Tart, or Galette is for you. This free form pie is made simple by the pastry design, you don’t need any fancy pie plates.

Simply roll out your pastry on a baking sheet (no perfect circles here!), and once filled fold over the edges to contain the pie. Brush with milk or egg white for a golden brown finish.

Serve your pie at the table with a beautiful wooden board to create a more rustic look.

This type of pie is perfect for thinly sliced stone fruit, and simple savory toppings. Showcase seasonal fruit or veg with light and fluffy pastry, and create a beautiful pastry with country charm.

Anyone can master this type of pie, and every time will be different, but always simple. Why not bake a pie this weekend, get some practise in for Mother’s Day, and surprise your Mum next week with her favourite treat !

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