Pie Pops

Now I love pie just as much as the next, but mini bite size pies?? Even better! I have seen cake pops but I have never seen Pie Pops. What fun these mini pies would be at a party!

And check out these lovely hand decorated wedding favour pie pops from A Practical Wedding, such a nice personal touch to the day.

I would love to try to make my, it can’t be that difficult, I’m sure the trick is to not use too much filling, and bake until golden brown so they stay put on the stick!

Check out all the other ‘pop’ recipes I found, Chocolate covered bananas, Watermelon Margarita Popsicles, Hot Chocolate on a stick, Cheesecake Pops.

So much fun for birthdays or dinner parties, individualized treats! Especially handy if making dessert for a group which includes someone with dietary needs.

Happy Weekend everyone, I’m hoping to enjoy some of the sun that has finally touched England and try my hand at a Choc Covered Banana or two!


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