To brie or not to brie

After seeing the new Cheese Knives and Cheese Board and Decanters from Legnoart all I want to do is have a wine and cheese party!

The trick to hosting a great wine and cheese party is having the best cheese selection possible. Figure out if your guests are adventurious with cheese and serve a variety of textures and flavours.

My personal favourite addition to the party is fresh grapes, but have a few different crackers and crusty bread on hand, as well as a few nuts and dried fruits. Get the wine flowing and get tasting!

Photo via Cup of Jo

1 // Hevea Cheese Board with Dome £49.47   2 // Classic Cheese Knife £6.93   3 // Cheese by Patricia Michelson £30.00   4 // Chalk and Cheese Set £24.75   5 // Deluxe Cheese Planer £6.75   6 // Marble Cheese Board with Wire Cutter £17.40

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