British Cheese Week

In honour of British Cheese Week I thought I would think outside the box a little bit, and figure out how to make my own cheese! Buying local is always a plus, but this is as local as you can get – your own kitchen!

Cheese is absolutely one of my favourite things, on it’s own with a nice glass of wine, melted into a delicious lasagna or crumbled over a salad, ranging from a basic cheese toastie to a complex Quatro Formaggi I will have it all.

But I have yet to try to make my own!  With just two ingredients, milk and lemon juice, I cannot resist.

A simple recipe I found via Journey Kitchen discusses step by step instructions and beautiful photographs. I am so surprised really how easy it is, I am definitely going to make some paneer this weekend, and hopefully wow my friends (fingers crossed it works!).

1 // Cotton Straining Bag £16.48   2 // Baroque Large End Grain Board £45.81   3 // Emalia Enamel Saucepan Aubergine £9.45   4 // Wooden Spoon £0.68

Also, a great article by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall about homemade cheese with a few recipes can be found here. And a link to my previous post about having a wine and cheese party is here!

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