Christmas Cookie Cutters

Baking Christmas cookies is always on the top of my list during the holiday season. The simplicity of a simple sugar cookie or gingerbread recipe along with easy coloured icing and sprinkles makes shaped cookies so relaxing. Without all the fear of cakes not rising and soggy puddings, cookies rarely go wrong for me.

I think I love the star shapes and the single dove best! And I especially love the idea of making the cookies into tree ornaments, with the hole puncher and tiny ribbons. Check out my picks below!

 1 // 4 Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set £5.95
2 // Cookie Cutter Set: Christmas Stars £2.66
3 // Single Cookie Cutters: Dove £1.65
4 // Christmas Ornaments Cookie Cutter Set £5.50
5 // Single Cookie Cutters: Snowman £1.65
6 // Christmas Tree Ornament Cookie Cutter Set £5.50
7 // Christmas Tree Cutter Set £6.50

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