Gift Guide: Clean and Tidy

I myself am a bit of a organizational nut. I love baskets and lovely storage solutions and keeping my kitchen in order gives me such satisfaction. For the clean freak in your family why not treat them to some beautiful organizational solutions, which not only add a country charm, but keep everything in its proper place.

Not exactly a traditional Christmas present, but why not give them something they really would love, but would not spend the money on for themselves?

1 // Country Kitchen Storage Jars: 1L £3.00
2 // White Washed Willow Hampers: Medium £18.50
3 // Mini Bin: Clay £19.95
4 // Circular Ceiling Rack: Wood £42.51
5 // Compost Bins: Gooseberry £16.50
6 // Vegetable Brush £2.75
7 // Washing Up Brush £1.85
8 // Colonial Home Bread Crock £37.30

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