Last Minute Recipes

If you are worried that you have missed the boat on making traditional Christmas cakes and puddings, do not fret!

I have found some lovely last minute baking ideas from Delicious Magazine, all which take less than 2 hours to prepare.

Pictured above are Spice Golden Fruit Cake which serves as a lighter alternative to the heavy dense cakes you normally get, Iced Mince Wreath that creates a special display on your table, and the Fruity Steamed Sponge Pud which is the easiest pudding I’ve ever seen.

My favourite is the The Mince Wreath, as it is such an impressive looking dessert with really little skill needed.  Everyone has leftover mince in their fridge and this dessert will wow the family.


1 // Mason Cash Red Pudding Basin £6.05
2 // Chantilly Cake Stand £20.00
3 // Sifters and Dredgers: Fine Mesh £6.57
4 // Cooks Kitchen Round Non Stick Cake Tins 22.9cm £8.75

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