Date Night In

Valentine’s Day always seems to sneak up on us, and rather than book an expensive table out why not stay in and get cozy with a private dinner for two?

Whatever your taste, bubbly or red wine, chocolate fondue or creme brulee, or even just a nice up of tea after your meal, go for something different this year and surprise your loved one with a treat!

You don’t have to buy into all the commercial junk, just spend some quality time together, and staying in is always cheaper, and more intimate. Just make sure you get some candles burning and the rest will take care of itself.

1 // Olive Wood Heart Shaped Board: Large £35.00
2 // Wine Essentials by Dartington Crystal: Set of 2 Red Wine £13.25
3 // Eternal Flame: Blowtorch and Ramekin Set £20.30
4 // Choco For Two, Fondue Set £17.25
5 // Le Creuset Heart Shaped Cocotte £74.67
6 // Stainless Steel Champagne Bucket £25.73
7 // Dartington Crystal Glitz Glasses: Set of 2 Flutes £32.50
8 // Hearts Breakfast Set: Serving Set £9.56
9 // Set of 2 Dartington Appledore Candlesticks £38.51

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