Fun with Polka Dots

Perfect for a little Valentine’s Day treat, I love the C’est Ca line called ‘Belle’. It’s pretty and simple, but each pieces is well designed and with tiny details which add to the overall look. And I especially love that this line is made right here in England, from Norwich.

Bows and polka dots add a fun feminine touch, but these pieces will hold up strong in the kitchen!

1 // C’est Ca, Belle, Double Oven Glove £15.08
2 // C’est Ca, Belle, Bow Apron £17.07
3 //C’est Ca, Belle, Tea Cosy £9.45
4 // C’est Ca, Belle, Pot Grab £8.96
5 // C’est Ca, Belle, Standard Apron £17.96
6 // C’est Ca, Belle, Gauntlet £13.29
7 // C’est Ca, Belle, Panelled Apron £18.90

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