Bring the outdoors inside during these somewhat never ending winter months. Our sense of smell can be stronger than we think, and having a tiny kitchen garden indoors will surely brighten your mood as you walk past fresh herbs or flowers.

Either sprout small seeds that you can replant outside come spring, or just have a beautiful tray of succulents. Herbs need bright light so place in the windowsill as best you can, and don’t let them get dry, or wilt from too much heating.

1 // Herb Pots on Wooden Tray £14.95
2 // Terracotta Herb Pot Box £48.51
3 // Herb Pots: Single, White £8.45
4 // Potato Harvesting Scoop £13.35
5 // Sussex Trug: Shutter Blue £17.65
6 // Sophie Conran Trowel £14.50
7 // Madeleine Floyd Birdsong: String Dispenser Tin £6.25
8 // Herb Pots: Set of 3, Slate £16.95
9 // Metal Herb Signs £11.45

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