Inspired by Tea

I love the idea of using new ingredients in my baking, and lately I keep seeing tea popping up in recipes! Particularly popular is green tea, earl grey, and chai tea. These teas infuse flavor into sponges and icings, providing unusual combinations of fruits and spices.

Below you can see the Soft Mocha Cookie with Masala Chai and Apricot Jelly,  next there is Earl Grey Sorbet with Pear and Earl Grey and Cinnamon Strudel, and last we see Rooibos Sponge Cake with Quince Jam and Vanilla Saffron Icing.

All images and links are from BBCFood.

These cold snowy days has meant staying in and staying warm, so I think I will be doing some baking and enjoying a nice cup of tea to get through the winter!

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