Moroccan Spice

January is a month when I like to try new things – you need some change in your life in the new year, and the cold winter months are always the perfect time for spicy new cuisines. Colourful foods are always good for you, especially when the weather has been so grey we all need a bit of cheering up! 

Recipe and Image via Katherine Martinelli

A friend of mine recently cooked me the most amazing Moroccan tagine,  slow cooked with loads of unusual flavours, chickpea and sweet vegetables. I think I’m hooked and now I want to give it a go!

Check out these colourful traditional tagines below. They are such an impressive piece of cookware, and bring some new life to the kitchen. You can use them to cook and then serve straight to the table..

1 // Tierra Negra Tagine £68.51
2 // Molten Ceramic Blue Stoneware Tagine £32.70
3 // Hairy Bikers World, Tagines: Medium, Cream £.85
4 // Pharaoh: Cast Iron Tagine £63.52

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