Asian Inspiration

I’m feeling uninspired by my usual winter foods, and these cold February days are not helping. Trying new cuisines has been on the resolution list this year, and so I have decided to delve into some interesting recipes from other cultures, and have a go at home – next up is sushi night!

Photo via BBCFOOD Quick and Easy Sushi Maki (Sushi Rolls) by Merilees Parker

Most grocery stores now stock all the ingredients you need, seaweed sheets, sushi rice, wasabi and ginger, sushi vinegar and soy sauce, and you can decide your own fillings. Practise your chopstick skills and impress your friends with homemade sushi.

1 // Sushi Maker £10.16
2 // The Complete Book of Sushi – Hiedo Dekura, Brigid Treloar & Ryuichi Yoshii £16.99
3 // Silver Tipped Chop Sticks £7.25
4 // White Porcelain Noodle Bowl £7.67
5 // Bamboo Utensil Set £10.45
6 // Rookie Chopsticks: Red £1.60
7 // Simplicity 10 Piece Oriental Crockery Set £14.25

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