Homemade Pasta

I always love the idea of making my own pasta at home, fresh and light tasting, without the cost of eating in an expensive Italian restaurant.

I wpersonally want to add whatever sauce I like, and making whatever shape comes to mind would be ideal. I am even tempted to try to make ravioli by myself! Those fluffy little pillows of pasta can’t be that hard to create.

I have found the perfect recipe for Fresh Pasta Dough BBCFood, which even goes through the proper technique of using a pasta machine. 

It really is as simple as two ingredients – flour and eggs! And the satisfaction of what you can create with such a humble beginning is amazing.

Personally I love to dress my table top to match the meal, and this gorgeous Virginia Casa olive oil Jar adds such an old world charm, while the Italian Collection parmesan grater is rustic and chic.

1 // Virginia Casa Oil Jar: Olive £18.90
2 // Italian Pasta Bowl: Large £14.37
3 // Kitchenaid Mixer Attachments: Pasta Making Set £82.50
4 // Elevate from Joseph Joseph: Spaghetti Server £6.75
5 // Making Fresh Pasta by Aliza Green £15.00
6 // Raviolli Rolling Pin £6.55
7 // Joseph Joseph Spaghetti Measure: Grey/Green £6.00
8 // Pasta Makers: Pasta Roller £69.21
9 // Italian Collection Bamboo Parmesan Grater £12.71

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