Simple Seafood

Inspired by what’s in season this month, I thought I would investigate Cockles. Not everyone is a seafood person but the recipes that I’ve found have lots of other spices and herbs to help create dishes full of flavours.

Pictured above Spanish Seafood Pasta, Steamed Cockles in Saffron & Spring Green Broth, and Simple Seafood Chowder.  Some recipes call for general mixed seafood, so why not just try something new and go for some cockles?

A bit of information I found regarding Cockles from the BBCGoodFood website below:
– Choose cockles with pale shells, as this indicates lighter flesh which is said to taste better.
– Cockle shells are often full of sand so they should be soaked in fresh water for several hours before eating.
– Refrigerate in a bowl under a damp cloth and use within 24 hours.
– You can eat cockles raw, served with vinegar and brown bread. Or you can boil or steam the shells, or use in soups and stews.

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