Weekly Budget – Bread

I have been trying to budget my weekly shops a bit better this year, in order to keep the costs down and avoid getting takeaway when the cupboards appear bare.

This week I thought I would share a few tips and go-to recipes, which hopefully will help make the whole process easier and help save those pounds!

Today I will discuss one of my favourite budget friendly ideas – I have finally attempted to make homemade bread! It really is so much easier than you would think.

Ridiculously cheap and totally satisfying to see what you can create with such simple ingredients. My favourites at the moment are homemade pizza dough, flat breads to go with Indian meals, and easy Irish soda breads.

Pictured above via BBCFood, Top: Paul Hollywood’s Easy White Bread, Below: Perfect Pizza, Naan Bread, Irish Soda Bread.

The simplicity of a basic yeast bread recipe is typically yeast, wheat, water and maybe salt. Eggs, milk, butter or other flavourings can be added depending on the recipe. But really we are talking about a very cheap and simple starting point. Having a few kitchen basics will really help the whole thing go smoothly. Below are my choice for bread making tools.

1 // Bread Bin: Shutter Blue £24.65
2 // Sabatier Knives: 20cm Bread Knife £42.51
3 // Apple Heart Electronic Kitchen Scale £24.75
4 // Good House Keeping Wooden Utensils: Scraper Spoon £3.26
5 // Dough Scraper £3.35
6 // Pyrex Mixing Bowls: 24cm/3 Litre £8.15

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