Weekly Budget – Vegetarian

Another way to cut down on your weekly food shop is to try and incorporate more vegetarian meals into your diet. The cost of good quality meat can be high these days, and so being a bit adventurous with your cooking can really pay off.

Having the right tools in the kitchen always help preparing your meals that much easier, so find some vegetarian recipes and get ready to cook! Check out our recipe library for some quick inspiration.


1 // Homemade Storage Jars: 1000ml £2.42
2 // Vegetable Brush £2.75
3 // Hotstone Grill £34.95
4 // Smart Slice Mandolin with Grater £31.91
5 // Java Preserving Bags: Vegetables £9.50
6 // Asparagus Steamer £34.55
7 // Pasta – Carla Bardi £12.99
8 // Bamboo Steamers: 20cm Three Piece £16.95
9 // Progressive Dice and Pop Cuber £13.75

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