my “baker’s dozen”

The first time I used a silicone spatula I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Using a good quality chopping knife really gets me going, and when I found a beautiful ceramic mixing bowl at a car boot sale for a few pounds I thought I had struck gold.

Finding just the right kitchenware products makes life in the kitchen that much easier. So here is my ‘Baker’s Dozen’ of fundamental bakeware. For the gourmand or the beginner, being prepared makes trying out all those exciting new recipes that much more stress free. Gadgets can be fun for those special ocasions, but for baking you should always have on hand the tried and true tools.

Mixing Bowl – always good to have a few mixing bowls, one large and one small at least, but you can usually buy a set of nesting bowls, which also makes for easy storage.

Baking Tin – square is best for brownies and fruit crumble, a circle is good for cakes of course, and a muffin tin is always handy for cupcakes and tarts.

Pastry Brush – a good quality pastry brush should be on hand for glazes, and sometimes it is best to have two, one for savoury recipes and one for sweet.

Scales – scales allow you to get precise measures, and electronic scales seem the most accurate to me.

Spatula – a silicone spatula will change your life, I promise. Get every last bit of batter from your bowl and don’t waste a drop! Double duty as a mixing spoon.

Chopping Board – good quality chopping board is necessary for chopping up chocolate chunks and dried fruits.

Knive – goes hand and hand with the chopping board, and for scoring breads and making designs for pie lids.

Rolling Pin – always needed for every baker, always look for a rolling pin with good length and grips.

Baking Sheet – you’ll need a sturdy sheet for breads, cookies and pizzas, and can double to roast seeds and nuts.

10  Whisk – for all your meringue needs, you need to use some muscle and get those fluffy egg whites. Whisking air into your recipes is often very important for baking.

11  Measuring Jug – a sturdy glass measuring jug with easily read numbers is important for every baker.

12  Round Cutter – pefect for cookies and scones and tarts, get a few sizes and have a play.

13  Cake Tin – after all is said and done you need to store your delicious creations, every kitchen needs a cake tin.

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